Thanks from your winner, Anna

annamiddleton-wIncredible! What a wonderful surprise and thank you so much, I feel so honoured to be chosen. Thank you so much also to the other scientists, I learnt a lot too from their answers.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up but very quickly I was hooked! I found I wanted to answer every question as quickly as I could and to be in touch with as many of you as possible – this is what motivated me as I took part. It was great checking in each day and seeing if there were new questions, I was excited and stumped on a daily basis about how I was going to answer your questions in a meaningful way. Participating made me think hard about how I explain stuff. The biggest lesson I learnt was turning something complicated into two sentences. You will not believe the number of times I re-wrote my answers.

I really enjoy my work and am very enthusiastic about it and I found myself really wanting you to enjoy it too. Scientists come in many different shapes and sizes – we don’t all work in a laboratory, wear a lab coat and have crazy hair. There are many of us who do our experiments in ways you wouldn’t expect. I’m currently using Twitter and Facebook as a way of reaching people to explore their attitudes towards genetics, there is no lab work involved, but that doesn’t make my work any less scientific in its approach and analysis.

What I really like about science is the logic of it – ask a question, measure something, get an answer. Job done. It’s a very satisfying process, even when the answer isn’t what you were expecting. For those of you who like to think this way, science is a great subject to explore, study and turn into a career. I really hope some of you will consider it for your future.

Best of luck to all of you, I had so much fun in the online chats – the cheekiness, the daring questions, the loud and the sensitive souls – you were all fabulous to talk to and I had a smile on my face the whole time!

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